the town

dreams do come true

Uncultivated land. Millions of years waiting to be worked. Ocean of rocks to be removed. Opinions opposed to this insane project. Back to town. Life challenge. Firmly ahead, we sought new horizons of quality for our wines. Pure merit of our people.




Dinosaurs roaming this valley millions of years ago.

The Natives Diaguitas and the culture of La Aguada (6th and 7th centuries BC) are still present.

Living history etched in every stone.

p i o n e e r s

Against all odds and warnings. Very high, very cold, a lot of stone, there are no people, we do not know that it could grow there… In daily dialogue with nature and our people, we learned valuable lessons. Patience and humility, working hard, always giving thanks. God only knows how we did it. Dream of many to make Chañarmuyo a reality. And our wines, a true reflection of this history.