Ride a bike, walk around, climb, swim. Eat and drink well. Read, learn, breathe, meditate. Find peace in nature, under a blanket of a thousand stars and the silence of the night. Take a break from everything. Get lost on wild trails or simply, just contemplate the imposing mountains from our terraces with a glass of wine of heights. Breathtaking. 

the mountain & the sun 

Walk through the vineyard and its endless rows. Go up to the viewpoints of La Cruz or visit the oratory of Nuestra Señora de Itatí in the 3 little hills with panoramic views of the entire Valley. Take it easy and enjoy the mountain sun and the pure air at more than 1700 meters.


Swim in the pool, with the silhouette of the mountains and vines in the background. Practice yoga facing the sun or visit the Chañarmuyo Dam, an incredible mirror of water meters from the farm. 

with all your senses

Walks through the vineyard that will thrill you. The vastness of the desert and its mountains. Feeling of human smallness. Sit in front row and watch the sunset, the first stars and the full moon nights and their white hues. If you like it, explore the sky with our telescope, or simply relax in front of the fireplace, waiting for the night to wrap you in a deep sleep. Unforgettable feeling. 


E X P L O R E   L A   R I O J A

Walk through ancestral lands with millions of years of history. Landscapes witnesses of dinosaurs and extinct natives cultures. Each step marked by a living nature, synonymous with adventure. La Rioja, a hidden corner to discover!

no distance,

is too far


D I S C O V E R  ancestral lands

E N J O Y –  Create memories of a fantastic trip

Hang gliding in Famatina

A d V E N T U R e

These landscapes were once witnesses of dinosaurs, pre-Columbian natives cultures. Each step is marked by nature, which is synonymous with adventure.

La Rioja has a lot to show you.

Talampaya National Park
PH: Secretaría de Turismo de La Rioja 
Vista Larga, Huaco - Ultra premium olive oil

Dicen que viajando se fortalece el corazón, pues andar nuevos caminos, te hace olvidar el anterior


Sandboard in Tinogasta, Fiambalá
Chirau-Mita, the most important cactus museum in Latin America - Chilecito